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How to become an intelligent and connected company

IECISA publica el cuaderno de innovación nº 14, Cómo convertirse en una empresa inteligente y conectada.


How to become an intelligent and connected company

Three key elements: Understand, Anticipate and Redefine

Organisations these days face a series of challenging micro-trends which they must address as they progress towards their transformation into intelligent and connected companies. These include the demands of a millennial labour force, changes in how we work, and complex regulatory environments which are transforming the way that organisations operate, requiring them to use newer technologies in order to make the most of the power of information, to be smarter, connected, and to drive their commitment to their customers, partners and employees within the current context.

The fourth industrial revolution we are now experiencing has artificial intelligence as a core element, and this is intrinsically linked to the growing build-up of substantial volumes of data (big data), the use of algorithms to process them, and the mass interconnection of digital devices and systems.
Intelligent information management will be one of the areas to benefit from artificial intelligence through the integration of technologies such as machine learning and its application in the automation of tasks connected with the storage, classification, analysis and mining of information. Opportunities that, in combination with technology capable of understanding natural language, will allow devices to “understand” information.

As for the processing of personal data, the scenario we face in the modern era is one on which data processing has become omnipresent and omni-channel. Never before have so many data been generated, nor so quickly, demanding new forms of protection in response to technological developments, as well as a new “data culture”.


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