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Digitisation in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure



Digitisation in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

Five Domains of Transformation

This work provides an overview of the digital transformation in the Hospitality, Travel & Leisure (HTL) industry. Our aim is to help readers ask questions about the impact of digitisation on the different stakeholders in the tourism market. Travel agencies, hotels and leisure providers are at the heart of our desire to go over certain key areas that are determining the current sector outlook. 

We describe the main challenges which tourism must address in the short and medium term and the role played by new technologies in a sector where customers are evolving at the same speed as they are in other cutting-edge service industries (telecommunications, banking and consumer goods), at the pace imposed by technological change, access to new destinations, improved quality of infrastructure and service innovation.

We also offer a services and solutions map based on the five domains of transformation which we believe the HTL industry must address and which we hope will be of use in guiding all companies and organisations that have embarked on the journey towards digitisation.

The Innovation Booklets series brings together a set of outreach reports on the way that technology is enabling businesses to evolve in a digital context. In addition to collecting documentation and articles of interest on the subject, it is supported by the expertise of IECISA' specialists in transformation projects in the tourist market.

We would also like to thank Dr Francisco Javier Navarro, Director of the Postgraduate in Tourism at Nebrija University for his valuable contribution to the drafting of this document.

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