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6 solutions for the safety of physical areas in times of COVID-19

Cuaderno IECISA nº 17 Seis soluciones para la seguridad de espacios físicos en tiempos de covid-19


6 solutions for the safety of physical areas in times of COVID-19

Safetyrelated technology will play a key role in the post-coronavirus era.

Companies and organisations envisage redefining the accesses to their facilities, redistributing work areas and making them safe, and new ways of developing business activity and customer relations. Safety-related technology will play a key role in this new reality.

We consider “safe spaces” to be physical areas of organisations where technological solutions are applied to reduce or contain the personal spread of COVID-19, encompassing not only internal personnel and employees, but also customers and suppliers.

The “zero contact” paradigm and real-time analysis in access control, capacity control, and mask and personal protective equipment or PPE control are some of the tools available to respond to what has been termed “lockdown easing” and the recovery of business and social activity.

At this time of uncertainty, organisations demand not only to take advantage of the investments and infrastructures they already have, but also for the new solutions to provide “post-COVID” utility and enable them to evolve to meet future needs.

This is the case of one of the solutions included in the document, real-time people counting by installing a sensor at the facility’s entrance. There are already cloud-based solutions that provide flexible installations without the need for new equipment other than the cameras the customer already has. These systems, in addition to offering social distancing control, control of an excess number of people in an area, and mask detection, allow for cloud-based analyses to be applied, aimed at the security departments and the business and marketing areas.

The importance of the management of data protection rights within the context of COVID-19 should be mentioned. Compliance with current regulations must be another mandatory requirement for organisations in the process of implementing solutions intended to protect individuals, such as those described below.

We have dedicated this Innovation Booklet to six essential solutions for the safety of physical areas applied to different use cases. As César Guillén, Head of the Electronic Security Business Line and artificial vision at IECISA and author of the document explains, “these are solutions with integration capacity and incremental complexity that guarantee immediacy and short-term flexibility, as well as the capacity to evolve in the future, all with added value for both employees and customers”.

Download the report to learn about the proposed solutions and their application to your specific business case.

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