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Intelligent management: the future of travel

Informática El Corte Inglés participa en el SAP Concur Day 2020, evento celebrado en formato digital y con la asistencia online de 400 profesionales.



Intelligent management: the future of travel
IECISA is a certified SAP Concur Expense Implementation partner.


Madrid, 31 March 2020: Travel and expense management involves processes that take up a significant portion of a company's time. The problem can be solved with a solution that delivers time and money savings and improves control, such as SAP Concur. The software multinational launched its dedicated travel and expense management optimisation tool at SAP Concur Day 2020, a plenary session in digital format where Informática El Corte Inglés showcased the effective advantages of SAP Concur for companies involved in intelligent spend management.

IECISA leveraged the event to present its SAP-based single contract solution. Javier Mendoza, SAP Concur manager at IECISA, presented the added value of this proposal that streamlines purchasing and project execution, supports decision-making and adapts to implementation methodology, monitoring management and across-the-board organisational change with a single team covering all knowledge in different project areas. “Our single contract proposal,” he said, “is powered by the market requirement to simplify the purchasing ecosystem. The benefits you get from our solution justify the investment as it is a mainstreamed support for organisational management from a single platform".

IECISA is one of the Spanish companies best placed to provide services across most SAP solutions. It was one of the first firms to be SAP certified in Application Operations for SAP S/4HANA. SAP also presented IECISA with a number of awards in recognition of its hard work and dedication, consolidating its position as a benchmark partner in SAP solution service provision. IECISA’s excellent track record in promoting SAP and joint innovation by the two firms is reflected in their customers’ success.

Leading experts in SAP Concur took part in the digital event that was followed by more than 400 people online. João Carvalho, Director of SAP Concur Southern Europe and Francophone Africa, and Rafael Brugnini, Managing Director SAP Spain, were also present to drill down on the perks of the solution. SAP Concur presents a single, increasingly intelligent platform with modern technologies that makes the most repetitive tasks automatic and effortless. It enables companies to perform intelligent travel and expense management, from self-booking to reimbursement.

Attendees also enjoyed the stories of adventurer and TV presenter Jesús Calleja, who discussed his experience as a traveller and emphasised two key takeaways from his expeditions: technology and safety. “Technology is fundamental to my work,” he said. “We continually seek to innovate and use the latest products on the market. But technology won’t work without a team, so I always look out for mine and ensure their safety.” The event ended with a panel discussion on the importance of the traveller experience.