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Digital transformation speeds up

IECISA muestra en el evento virtual Workplace Transformation su capacidad para ayudar a las empresas en la repentina trasformación digital provocada por el Covid-19.



Digital transformation speeds up
The key to success is to put technology at the service of people


Madrid, 24 April 2020:  The COVID-19 crisis will mark a before and after in the way we work, consume goods and services and relate. This is a process of change that is noticeable in the way companies organize their working environment with policies based on digital   transformation that are not clearly defined. This has been the main subject of the virtual event Workplace Transformation organised by IDG Research Service and Computerworld with the sponsorship of IECISA, and where Julio César Candil, director of Intelligent Workplace Business at IECISA, has provided the vision and experience of the technology consultant in his area.

Technology has become a fundamental tool to solve the actual crisis, which has caused the acceleration of digital transformation process:  organizations are more receptive to the need for change. And as Julio César Candil highlights, those companies that "have already taken the necessary measures to adapt and join the new digital work culture in order to maintain their levels of activity will carry on in this scenario”. This situation opens up new business opportunities for qualified companies.

The technology consultant IECISA has demonstrated his experience, capacity and technology in this field. In the words of Intelligent Workplace's Business director, "we offer different skills and services capable of meeting current needs. We work with different sectors and we know that each of them has his own focus of interest. In order that the companies could evolve and adapt to the new scenario, he adds, we offer strategies focused on optimization of its resources."

Julio César Candil,  who is an expert in workplace transformation, has insisted  that "people are at the center of the transformations that surround us and that is why it is essential for companies that want to succeed in digitization to build a sustainable business for their employees".

With each project, IECISA demonstrates its flexibility to adapt to the needs of the customers. Together with its values of commitment and closeness is positioned as the best partner of public and private organizations to respond to the current challenges and those that are not yet properly known but are approaching by leaps and bounds.