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The 360 Employee. People and Technology at the Heart of Transformation

APD, IECISA y SAP organizamos esta jornada con el fin de conocer las tecnologías, metodologías y espacios de trabajo actuales orientados a fomentar la eficiencia y compromiso del empleado con la organización.

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    The 360 Employee. People and Technology at the Heart of Transformation
    05/ March/ 2020

Analysis of the new work models putting the employee at the centre and incorporating more agile processes.

The workplace as we know it today has ceased to exist. The rapid evolution of technologies and information generation have led to organization 4.0 grounded on innovation, communication, knowledge management, mobility and collaboration.

Putting the employee at the heart of the transformation is a common objective across most organisations. It involves incorporating tools to assist people in their career progression and make their daily operational needs easier. Routine procedures are streamlined and processes simplified as much as possible through automation and artificial intelligence to manage talent, strengthen ties with the brand and boost corporate culture.

APD, IECISA and SAP have organised this conference to drill down on the current technologies, methodologies and workspaces aimed at fostering employee efficiency and commitment to the organisation.


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Hotel NH COLLECTION - Avda. Diego Martínez Barrio, 8 - 41013 Sevilla
Start Date:
05/ March/ 2020   09: 00
End Date:
05/ March/ 2020   11: 30


Time Activity / Participant

Reception of attendees


Welcome address

Felipe Medina. South Area Manager. APD

Daniel Yáñez. Andalucía Director. IECISA


Keynote presentation

Gonzalo Gómez. Director of Strategy, Marketing and Communication. IECISA


People and Technology at the Heart of Transformation

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero. Executive Chairman. ISDI


Panel discussion: The 360 Employee. The Key to Success


Josep Aracil. EPS Director. IECISA


Samantha Ugarte. HCM Business Development. IECISA

Alfredo García. CIO. Grupo FCC 

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero. Executive Chairman. ISDI

Simón Noriega. Presales Manager HCM Solutions Spain. SAP


Discussion - Colloquium


Coffee break - Networking