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Experts On Digital Transformation & Innovation | Inetum

We are the Technology Innovation Company of Inetum. We are experts on conducting companies & public entities through their Digital Transformation.

We unite




to face the digital future together through technology innovation


We’ve been growing along with a changing society, economy and new technologies, yet maintained our entrepreneurial culture and the daring spirit of our beginnings. Today we are getting ready to write a new chapter in our history. 

We have entered a new post-digital-transformation era 

An era where needs and usages are being reinvented non-stop 

It became necessary for us to anchor this new reality of the Group and at the same time turn a new page. 

On 1 October 2020, Gfi changes its name. Inetum, Positive Digital Flow. 

A new name that embodies our new ambition to show what we have becomean international, integrated group with 27,000 talented people in 26 countries and significantly reinforced capacities to operate locally and even closer to our clients. 


Positive Digital Flow

  • We have more than doubled in size, pushing our turnover up from 1 billion to €2.3 billion thanks to a proactive strategy of mergers and acquisitions combined with strong organic growth. 
  • An integrated group with geographically balanced activities allowing us to provide extended, reinforced capacities and offers to our clients. 
  • A unique European FabLab network that keeps expanding, with over 300 digital experts. 

We believe that this digital flow must go into boosting the performance and positive impact of companies, organisations, institutions, and society as a whole.

Our mission is therefore to help our clients get the best out of this digital flow by relying on a three-pronged approach of proximity-closeness, automation-industrialisation-digitisation, and solutions-innovation.


Positive Digital Flow


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We listen carefully to our clients to better understand their needs, teaming up with them in every project we approach together.


We support our clients with maximum involvement, working on each project until the expected results are met, and contributing the dedication and resources required to achieve this.


We create solid and long lasting relationships. Our work does not end with a project. We progress together with our clients in a constant process of update and transformation.



We believe that specialisation is an essential component of success for our clients to achieve digital transformation. Therefore, we have organised our abilities into a network of specialised technological centres designed to carry out development, operation and technological innovation to the highest level of excellence.

Development centres

We have a network of agile software development centres that are specialised by technology, and certified as complying with the most important technical, methodological, and quality standards (CMMI5, ISTQB). We use our own nearshore approach aligned with our DNA, which enables us to offer our clients the advantages of geographical proximity in terms of commitment and agility, combined with higher operational efficiency.

<p>Development centres</p>

Operations and production centres

We have our own network of data processing centres, geographically distributed to guarantee maximum service continuity. Our cloud datacentre network is recognised as complying with the most demanding international quality and reliability standards (Tier IV) and provides various remarkable and highly reliable operating models designed to meet the demanding change dynamics faced by our clients in an agile and efficient manner.

<p>Operations and production centres</p>

Knowledge centres

Our network of excellence centres leads innovation within the company. They combine all our expert technical knowledge and incorporate best practices and market solutions into our strategic proposals, to rapidly progress digital transformation at our clients.

<p>Knowledge centres</p>


IECISA Partner | IBM
IECISA Partner | SAP
IECISA Partner | Microsoft
IECISA Partner | Google
IECISA Partner | Lenovo
IECISA Partner | Dynatrace
IECISA Partner | AWS
IECISA Partner | BMC
IECISA Partner | CA Technologies
IECISA Partner | Adobe
IECISA Partner | NetApp
IECISA Partner | HP
IECISA Partner | Apple
IECISA Partner | Intel Security
IECISA Partner | Extreme Networks
IECISA Partner | EMC
IECISA Partner | Pega Systems
IECISA Partner | Ingenico GROUP


We are strategic partners with leading software and hardware manufacturers worldwide, and we collaborate with a growing number of new companies specialised in selected areas. Which enables us to transfer differential value from both environments to our clients, and achieve digital transformation in an agile and reliable manner.