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IECISA has developed the AEESD Programme, a Digital Transformation Project co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

AEESD 2013 projects

The projects described below have been co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in the Innovation and the Scientific and Technical Research Plan 2013-2016, within the framework of the Digital Economy and Society Strategic Plan, 2013.
Minsiterio de Industria
Unión Europea

The PICASSO project - Real-time big data cloud technology applied to business data for hotel chains, under the reference TSI-100300-2013-56. It lays the foundations for the new concept of "Data-Based Commerce" applied to the hotel sector, by developing a platform that improves competitiveness within the hotel sector through online marketing based on real-time BIG DATA / FAST DATA technologies, taking maximum advantage of the available information regarding their clients and improving decision making.

The ISIS project - Intermediation Platform to manage and visualise multi-device and multi-provider digital educational content, under the reference TSI-100600-2013-37. It will develop a system that can access any digital education content in a completely integrated manner, regardless of the technology used to prepare the content, its physical location, and the platform and device used to find and subsequently use it.

The GNANA project - Integrated Skills Evaluation and Accreditation System with Automatic Content Generation, under the reference TSI-100600-2013-148. It will develop a platform using cloud technology that automatically generates evaluation systems and subsequent accredits them by issuing a certificate. It will evaluate various educational and employment skills using expert systems that generate multimedia examinations.

It is also co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, but under the Avanza2 Plan and within the National Pan for Scientific Investigation, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011, 2012 call of the R&D Competitiveness Sub-programme, where the HIPERMED project that began the previous year continued into 2013.

Plan Avanza
Minsiterio de Industria
Unión Europea

The HIPERMED project is the conclusion of the Celtic Hipermed project, under the reference FIT-020400-2010-106 (High Performance Telemedicine Platform). It includes the participation of Informatica El Corte Ingles within the AVANZA2 framework for 2012-2013, in its R&D Competitiveness Sub-programme for industrial research or experimental development projects, under the reference TSI-020401-2012-19, as a project or cooperative plan. IECISA participates in the project as a partner, together with Merkum Energética 2010 S.L. (coordinator), Androme Ibérica S.L., Other Side Mirror S.L.U. and Planet Media Studios S.L.

The Hipermed project is also a "Call 7" project and was led by Spain under the international umbrella of EUREKA-CELTIC, that has also seen participation from France, Poland, Sweden and Turkey. The objective is to generate a telemedicine platform that is completely integrated, interoperable and open, based on SOA architectures over IP networks, and offering an end-to-end solution that interconnects health systems to patients. The idea is to facilitate preventive medicine through remote and non-intrusive patient monitoring and telemedicine services, thereby reducing health care costs.

The HIPERMED project was recognised in 2014 by CELTIC-PLUS as the second best project in Europe, due to its potential to reduce healthcare costs and its capacity to bring healthcare to all users. It was awarded the "CELTIC-PLUS SILVER Excellence Award 2014".